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Joe was formally educated in photography at Santa Monica College in California and he has worked on many different types of photo shoots.  Through his experiences in photography school he discovered his passion for photographing people. After moving back home to Massachusetts, Joe opened his first photo studio with a focus on weddings, family portraits, and events. Photography is Elin’s second career. She has master's degrees in teaching and geoscience and she worked as a middle school science teacher before joining Joe Dolen Photography as a full-time photographer. Elin loves that photography is an intersection of science and art and a way to combine two of her passions.

We enjoy all the creative and technical endeavors related to the art of photography and hone our craft daily. In order to stay fresh, we treat every shoot as a new adventure. Our ability to interact with people and adapt to any situation, combined with the way that we work as a team, has been instrumental to our success in the photo industry.

Joe Dolen
Joe and Elin Dolen
Elin Dolen

Here's a bunch of stuff that you probably don't need to know...



  • We’ve been best friends since the 6th grade and are high school sweethearts, so working together is a dream come true!
  • We have 2 daughters and a golden-doodle named Floyd.
  • We love to travel, especially taking family road trips with our Scamp trailer towed by our 4Runner.
  • Our family goal is to visit all 50 states before the kids turn 18!
  • We love outdoor activities. Joe really enjoys stand-up paddle boarding and recently started snowboarding with our youngest daughter. Elin loves hiking and her favorite backpacking trip was a 50 mile hike in the Grand Canyon. 
  • We are a great example of opposites attract- If Joe goes left, Elin goes right…which can sometimes lead to eye rolling when moving furniture or folding blankets together, but we have come to learn that our different approaches to solving problems and ways of seeing the world are what make us a great team and complement each other!

Fun Facts about Joe: 

  • I've seen every episode of The Office at least 3 times and reference it probably more than I should.
  • I'm obsessed with flossing my teeth.
  • I play the drums and moved to LA to become a rockstar, but enrolled in photo school instead. (the hours were better!)

Fun Facts about Elin:

  • My hobby is crocheting (which is not the same as knitting). My favorite things to make are hats and cute little amigurumi animals.
  • I read all of the Harry Potter books aloud to my eldest daughter. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments! It took a couple of years and was a lot of talking, but totally worth it!

Our Studio

Attached to our home, our photography studio is located in Leicester, MA.

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